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Your school is the honbu-dojo (the head dojo of a classical karate organization) of the American Bushido Karate Association. Your “ryu” or style is Shotokan.  The Samurai Karate School is also certified by the ….

Humility… A lost trait of character


As I watched a football game I saw the ball carrier score the touchdown and then do a dance imitating a chicken!?!  I wondered if all the other viewers appreciated his...

Humility and the Karate Dojo Ranking Structure…

Your Place in Karate

A twenty– two year old man joins a large corporation.  Two months later, he walks...

Understanding Karate Ranking Terms:

It sometimes confuses me when I hear karateka use various terms for the same ranks.  Usually, in karate, the ranking system is divided into two general….

Dojo Customs

Your Place in Karate


Karate Ranking Terms


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Parents play a very special role in their child’s dojo....................