American Bushido Karate Association


Director Background


Kancho David E. Domer, Kudan (click for resume)

Director, American Bushido Karate Association


Martial Arts Background:


As a former West Virginia University and army team wrestler, had an interest in and studied jiu jitsu after hours at Fort Knox, Kentucky (1958-59). Started studying Shorin Ryu karate under Don Southern, Nidan, in 1965. Achieved Shodan ranking in 1972 from Seishin Kai Karate Union and nidan ranking from The National Karate and Jiu Jitsu Union in 1976. Joined United States Karate Association and eventually received godan from that organization in 1984. Founded the American Bushido Karate Association in 1978 and have rokudan and nanadan certificates from the High Dan Board. Have studied in clinics and seminars conducted by Hanshi Richard Ballargeon, Hanshi Joe Ruiz, Hanshi Oyato (Ryu Kyu Kempo), Hanshi Shimabuku (Shorin-Ryu), Hanshi Odo (Okinawan Kempo Kobudo), Brian Fey, Director of the Shotokan Karatedo of Japan Federation, Ridgely Abele, Southeastern Chief Instructor of the U.S.K.A. and Jim Logue, Eastern Regional Director of Ryu Kyu Kempo.



 Don Southern, Sensei, Shorin Ryu

 Joe Eidson, Sensei (Shito Ryu style) Seishin Kai

 Bobby Fischer, Sensei (Jee Do Kwan) Seishin Karate Union and National Karate and Jiu Jitsu Union

 Richard Ballargeon, Nanadan, Director of National Karate and Jiu Jitsu Union

 Joseph Ruiz, now Soke of International Karate Kobudo Federation


Current Ranking:



Certificates from:

 The American Bushido Karate Association Black Belt Board (12/13/03)

Nanadan Certificates from:

 American Bushido Karate Association High Dan Board (1992)

 Okinawan Karatedo Union

 Shotokan Karatedo of Japan Federation

 World Motobu Ha Shito-Ryu Seishin-Kai Karatedo Union


Kudan Certificate from:

 American Bushido Karate Association Black Belt Board


 Edited Traditionalist Karate Newsletter ("Budo News") for the Southeast 1979-1985

 First Georgia Karate AAU Karate Chairman

 Seishin Kai Karate Union number 1 school 1973

 National Karate and Jiu Jitsu Union number 1 school 1976

 Professional Karate Commission Georgia number 1 ranked school 1995

 Director, American Bushido Karate Association

 Member, Okinawan Karatedo Union Board of Directors


 Appointed special advisor to the Board of Directors of the Okinawan Karatedo Union July, 2002

 Georgia Representative Shotokan Karatedo of Japan Federation

 Featured in: "Who's Who In Karate"; "Who's Who in the Martial Arts Elite"; "Who's Who in American Martial Arts" and in "Strength and Health" Magazine

 Appointed "Kancho" (honorary title for life) of the Georgia Karate League by the G.K.L Board of Directors, February 1999

 Appointed chairman of the karate activities for the 2004 Georgia State Games

 Nominated for the 2008 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame

 Nominated for the 2008 Hall of Fame presented by Martial Arts World Magazine


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